Ordering & Shipping Procedures

Ordering Procedures

  1. Start browsing by looking at our catalog or browse through the category & product list on the menu at the left hand side of the web page. To view more details of the product click "Product Name" or "Details" button.

  2. To make a purchase just click "Add to Cart" at the bottom of the page to add the item to your "Shopping Cart". On the shopping cart you can change the desired quantity you want to purchase or remove any item in your cart. After making these changes kindly click "Update Cart" to update the order.

  3. If you wish to make more purchase you can click on "Continue Shopping" which will bring you back to our product catalog or you can click "Checkout" to proceed.

  4. Once you click "Checkout" a "Customer and Order Details Form" will appear. Please fill up the form with your necessary details in order for us to contact you to process the order. Kindly check every details are correct to avoid any hassle at the later stage. You can leave a message to us in the "Message" box if you wish or if you have any discount voucher by us please include the voucher number on the message box.

  5. At this stage the order is still not finalize. Feel free to make any changes on your order form by checking the "Delete" box to delete any unwanted order or click "Back" arrow on your browser to trek back to your shopping cart. Remember to click "Update" on any changes you made.

  6. Once you are satisfied with all the details and order, we recommend you to print out your order by clicking on your browser menu "File -> Print" or hold "Ctrl + P" on your keyboard. This is for your future reference. Once all that is complete please click "Send" on the "Customer and Order Details Form" to finalized your order.

  7. By clicking "Send" button your order will be finalized and a pop up with a message "Your order is currently being processed. An invoice will be sent to you for payment. Click ok to continue."

  8. The shop administrator will process your order within 24hours after your confirmation and an "Invoice" will be sent to you either via email, fax or post. Please make sure that you have received our invoice together with the payment detail before making any payment.

  9. Please send us the proof of payment i.e.: the bank in slip (cheque / cash) preferably via email at shop@gazengineering.com.my or via fax at 03-92813916.

  10. Should you have any question and inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact our shop admin at 012-3033152 (Asyraf Ghazi)

Payment Methods

  1. Please make sure that you have received our invoice before making any payment. This is important to make sure that your order details, amount and shipping details are correct and to avoid any fraud.

  2. Payment method only via bank in cash / cheque to:

    • Account name: GAZ Engineering Supply & Trading
    • Bank: EON Bank Berhad, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock Branch
    • Account No: 0050-1001-7222-8

  3. Currently we only accept payment via bank in or money transfer only to avoid any problems. Other methods such Credit card & Online payment are being considered by the shop admin and yet to be implemented.

  4. The details of your transaction i.e.: Bank in slip or receipt must be sent to us as a proof of payment either via email at shop@gazengineering.com.my or via fax at 03-92813916.

  5. Your order will be shipped as soon as the shop admin receives and acknowledge your payment slip or receipt.

Shipping Methods & Fees

  1. For orders around Klang Valley your purchase will be personally delivered by our delivery team without any delivery fees.

  2. For orders outside Klang Valley a minimum of RM30.00 will be charged upon ordering and your order will be sent via our appointed courier.

  3. For customers who prefer using their own courier and their own account please let us know by checking the "Use Own Courier". We will gladly package it and notify your courier and the shipping fee shall be waived.

Delivery Period

  1. In 24 hours after your payment acknowledgement, our shop admin will contact you regarding the delivery via email, phone or fax.

  2. For items which are in stock, the delivery will be made on the same day (Klang Valley) or courier on the same day (Outside Klang Valley).

  3. However if the item is not in stock, please allow 4-7 working days (normal circumstance) before your order can be delivered.

Purchase Policy, Guarantee & Warranty

  1. Items sold are not returnable, refundable or exchangeable. Please make sure the items you received are in good working condition.

  2. For items which are couriered (Outside Klang Valley), any damages, losses or liabilities will be covered by the appointed courier's insurance policy. However if there is any proof of negligence on our side feel free to contact the shop admin for complaints at shop@gazengineering.com.my. Please include the details of the damage together with pictures of the damage parts in your complain email. The shop admin will response to you urgently on this matter.

  3. All items are guaranteed by their respective manufacturer. We do not sell imitations products. Warranties of the items are covered by the respective manufacturer and claimants and also repairs can be made at any respective authorized serviced center. However if you need any assistance, please call the shop admin for assistance.