SOILTEC founded by Günter Birkenfeld in 1984.

First product lines were the erosion control applications with GREENFIX mattings for SOIL Stabilizations. At the same time business started with TECnical Spare Parts for Agriculture and Construction Machinery.

These two product lines created the company name SOILTEC.

Market investigations led to new product lines: the Mass Transit Spare Parts service started 1987 with great success and becoming the most intensive business for SOILTEC.

During that time this business mission required more employees to guarantee same service level and also resulted in new business lines such as Spare Parts for

  • General Machinery
  • Mass Transit Spare Parts
  • Amusement Rides
  • Marine and Offshore applications

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Because of the increase in using Mass Transit Systems like light rail cars, busses, metros, people movers, etc., we have successfully specialized in supplying German and European original manufacturer equipment (OEM) spare parts and products for the maintenance of these types of vehicles. HI-TEC Enterprises caters also caters spare parts service for several MASS-TRANSIT AUTHORITIES.

On our line card you may find some manufacturers you are already familiar with for the various LRV components of your cars.

Our main-office SOILTEC in Germany specializes in finding OEM parts and equipment directly from the manufacturer and shipping same via airfreight F.O.B. to your maintenance facility..

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Your partner and specialist for individual solutions

For more than 15 years, Igralub has enjoyed a reputation as a reliable partner, and our customers value the joint realisation of projects using our know-how. Igralub has agencies in more than 15 countries on all continents, and we support customers on-site all over the world.

The global service provider for consultation, implementation and operation

We offer project management services and supply lubrication systems and lubricants for rail traffic, the automobile sector, crane and material handling technology and machine maintenance. We act as consultants, and support projects for the reduction of material wear and, in particular, for the reduction of noise in the rail area - with an emphasis on rail squeaking in bends and brake noise.

Swiss quality products

Our lubricants guarantee a targeted and effective treatment of problems. Environmental compatibility is an important aspect for us, evidence of which is now required in a growing number of areas. The products that carry our environmental compatibility symbol guarantee the biological degradability in accordance with the latest European test methods. We have test results from many different regions of the world.

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REBS Zentralschmiertechnik GmbH was founded in the year 1948.

Our founder, Alexander Rebs, gained an international reputation as the inventor of the progressive distributor. Today, our family-owned company is already in its third generation, and employs around 70 persons. Since its foundation, our company has expanded steadily and we have always been at the forefront in the development and application of central lubrication technology.

Thanks to the highly motivated workforce and the great deal of experience gained in recent decades, during which the products have been repeatedly upgraded and improved, REBS is able to provide lubrication systems that set standards with regard to both service life and efficiency. The quality standards achieved by REBS were formally recognized in November 1994 when we obtained DIN EN ISO 9001 certification status. This certificate is renewed every 3 years.

Some of REBS widely used Lubrication System:

REBS Oil-Air TURBOLUB® Lubrication
(e.g. for rolling mills)


REBS Wheel Flange Lubrication
(e.g. for tramway and underground)


REBS Chain Lubrication


REBS Central Lubrication with progressive distributors

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Telcon was established in 1864 to manufacture and lay a telegraph cable connecting England and America. In 1924, Telcon invented and patented ‘MUMETAL®’ high permeability Nickel Iron alloys. Today this famous company is still producing high permeability magnetic cores along with the design and production of Closed and Open Loop Hall Effect Current Sensors. Hall effect current sensors are widely used in a variety of applications requiring an accurate, fast response signal proportional to the primary current being measured. Products are available in a range of configurations covering primary currents up to 3000A, providing complete galvanic isolation between the primary current and the output.

Telcon is constantly reviewing applications and changing industry needs and providing innovative solutions. For example, Telcon have already supplied a wide range of products for use in Renewable Energy applications, including custom products for customers specific needs.

Now Telcon is a world leader in the field of soft magnetic cores and components

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EMC Pacific is a privately owned company formed in 1996 to produce world class cycloaliphatic epoxy resin insulators, bushings and custom components for the electrical industry. Today EMC Pacific is Australasia's leading manufacturer of medium to high-voltage cycloaliphatic epoxy (Polymer Resin) components and has established a wholly owned North American subsidiary EMC Pacific Holdings Ltd.

EMC Pacific insulators and bushings have been exhaustively tested and proven. They can be found in service within diverse climatic conditions providing the highest levels of reliability and performance to distribution networks, global electrical utilities and their clients. Insulators and bushings manufactured by EMC Pacific are available in a range of indoor and outdoor profiles. The products offer:

  • Excellent electrical and mechanical characteristics
  • Suitability to high pollution environments
  • High lightning puncture resistance
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Greater tolerance to physical impact and damage
  • Less weight than porcelain (OH&S preferred)
  • Low maintenance
  • Economical Cost

EMC Pacific products are manufactured as a tough one piece construction, which eliminates the problematic metal fitting failures and brittle fractures typically associated with ceramics and composites. Our experienced team welcomes the opportunity to discuss the right EMC Pacific solution for your projects and applications.

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GAZ Engineering is also experienced in supplying the following brands;

SHELL, lubrication oil & grease products

MOBIL, lubrication oil & grease products

SKF, bearings & grease products

FAG, bearings & grease products

Henkel LOCTITE, adhesive, anti-seize, sealants, and surface treatment


MINCO, temperature probe & sensor

BOSCH, hand tools, hydraulics & fluid products

ITT Industries, fluid technology, motion & controls

YOKOGAWA, test & measurement instruments

FISHER, rotary valves, oil & gas equipment


METSO, automation technology

NELES JAMESBURY, electric & pneumatic actuator

MAC VALVES, miniature pneumatic valve

AREVA, electrical systems, vacuum circuit breaker, modbus module

SIEMENS, electrical systems, positioner & transmitter


SAMSON, hydraulic valve & positioner parts

MEGGER, measuring instruments

Allen Bradley, drives, distributed I/O, limit switches, condition sensing switches and controls


OMRON, electrical & electronics system


SMC, hydraulic & pneumatic equipment

WIKA, measurement & calibration mechanical or electrical gauge

ABB, electrical systems, circuit breaker, miniature circuit breaker, fuses

BENTLY NEVADA, monitoring systems & equipment

ASHCROFT, pressure & temperature measurement gauge


FESTO, pneumatic & electrical automation & accessories

GE POWER, electrical systems, circuit breakers, fuses, electrical transformer & parts

FLOWSERVE, pneumatic & electrical automation & accessories

HONEYWELL, HVAC parts & systems, sensors, limit switches, positioner & transmitter

NAGANO KEIKI, pressure & temperature measurement gauge, monitoring systems


PARKER, hydraulic & pneumatic equipment & fittings

YORK, consumer & industrial air conditoner, water heater, air purifier & spare parts

EMERSON, HVAC parts & equipments

3M, safety related equipment, adhesive & general chemical products

NIPPON PAINT, industrial use coatings, protective coatings, automative coatings & related products


SPIRAX SARCO, steam systems, pipeline, oil & pipeline systems & equipment

ALSTOM, power generation & rail transport equipments

YUASA, general maintenance & automotive batteries

COOPER BUSSMAN, general fuses, high voltage fuse, fuse block & holders

APC, UPS systems & related accessories


KINGS, safety shoes & safety apparels

HELLA, commercial & industrial lighting equipment

LPS INDUSTRIES, specialty chemicals for MRO in automative, marine, electrical, industrial, and aviation sectors

MOTOROLA, telecommunication equipment & accessories

FERRAZ SHAWMUT, fuses, fuse block & holders, low disconnect switch, meters & power distribution blocks


CRC INDUSTRIES, specialty chemicals for MRO in automative, marine, electrical, industrial and aviation sectors

RUSTBULLET, anti-rust, rust corrosion inhibitor, rust converter


If you have any enquiries regarding these brands, feel free to contact us. We will get back to you as fast as we could.