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GAZ Engineering Supply & Trading was form in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 17 February 2003 as a full fledge supplier that relies heaviliy towards fulfilling and satisfying our clients vital requirements. We believed that in this nature of business we are ideally in line to place ourselves as a reliable sourcing partner in providing desirable solutions and yet with reasonable pricing in mind. This is achievable all these years greatly due to our dedicated sales team, our highly experienced director which have more than 20 years of experience managing procurement in various multi national companies (MNC), our committed networks of trading houses and contacts from all around the world, our in depth knowledge in shipping and freight services to ensure our fast delivery standard, and our simple company structure and low overheads to guarantee that our pricing will almost always be the lowest that you could find.

At GAZ Engineering Supply & Trading we always strive for competitions and hungry for new experience. This is true to the fact that our aspiring sales team has been working closely together in and out with various end users from various fields of the trade; either its railways system, airline maintenance, building maintenance even to power generation plant. Working side by side has prepared us to be associated against all type of processes and widening our view to all sorts of requirements while adding a mixture of engineering skills and knowledge to go along with. For the past 4 years, our sales team had successfully accomplished numbers of job and contracts within the industries providing comprehensive materials and equipment to be on track with our goal as a ‘preferred sourcing partner’.

Now after the new millennium more and more GLC’s and Private Sector has adapted into an efficient and cost oriented processes. We at GAZ Engineering Supply & Trading sincerely believed that with our support of outsourcing knowledge and experience such ‘Business to Business’ (B2B) practice and our global network contacts can help you to break even in every circumstances and at the same time grows ourselves along with the success. With our dedicated and eager team of trained salespersons to outfit your every day needs we can guarantee that there is no item we cannot supply.

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Mohd Ghazi Hj Abdul Aziz
GAZ Engineering Supply & Trading